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Two U.S. police officers who played Pokemon Go in the United States have been shot dead

Two U.S. police officers who played Pokemon Go in the United States have been shot dead

SOPA Images via Getty Images

Illustration of the game Pokémon Go.

United States – Expensive shipping. Two Los Angeles police officers who wanted to hunt Pokemon That the thieves were fired.

Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell patrol the streets in April 2017. City I am looking for these Wonderful creatures Using popular ones Sports Augmented reality installed on their phone.

When colleagues called for reinforcements in connection with a breakdown at a department store, both officers decided to ignore it to continue their game, revealing the tapes they had exchanged in their vehicle.

“Snorlax”, a Pokமொmon popular for long sleep, “has just been released”, Agent Mitchell Lozano warned, citing government official documents for their dismissal.

About 20 minutes after the call for help, the two policemen “chatted about Pokமொmon and went to different places where virtual creatures appeared on their phones,” the documents added last week.

Pokémon Go, a global phenomenon

Brave law enforcement officers succeeded in locking up Snorlax, but Togetic, another Pokmon, gave them a tough time. “Fake, man, these things are taking me out of my mind,” Agent Mitchell said according to the transcripts.

Two police officers were charged with multiple counts of misconduct and misconduct. They admitted to failing to respond to a call for help with the theft, but refused to play Pokemon Go.

They said they only discussed the game and fought against their dismissal, but the appellate court did not believe their explanations and confirmed the permit on Friday.

When it was released in 2016, Pokemon Go sparked the excitement of millions of followers around the world, but this hunt for virtual monsters caused some unrest.

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The popularity of the game is that it should remind players of the dangers of playing on such facilities at many military bases, especially near airfields.

Many Pokemon hunters have also been involved in traffic accidents. One of them was accused of illegally crossing the border in search of small animals.

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