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8 new free games in prime gaming, it is necessary to act quickly

8 new free games in prime gaming, it is necessary to act quickly

Freebox Delta Subscribers: 8 New Free Games in Prime Gaming, Need to Act Faster

Each month, Free Box Delta offers free gaming accessible Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), many games to discover on the computer, all you have to do is subscribe to Amazon Prime. The choice of the moment is here

Included in the Freebox Delta offer, Amazon Prime offers access to a number of benefits: SVOT Prime Video Service, Streaming Music… But recently renamed as Prime Gaming Free content for gamers with Twitch Prime.

Of platform Streaming Livewitch around video games offers a specific formula for Amazon Prime subscribers and an extension for Freebox Delta subscribers Implemented their offer. You can access it this way Platform-specific features and even free games On the computer. Focus on choosing games to pick up on Twitch in April!

5 games today at full speed only

Several games have been added to the Prime Gaming Robbery in March, and they are being picked up today before retiring.

You can still find out Bomber Crew Deluxe.. In this strategic simulation game, prepare your team for the most dangerous mission behind the enemy. You, as a bomber, must try to destroy the most desirable resources by avoiding dangers everywhere (anti-aircraft weapons, enemy radars, weather conditions).

The other atmosphere, you can recover தெங்காமி. An adventure game set in a Japanese pop-up book, it gives its game a unique atmosphere. Fold and slip pieces of paper to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of this universe. In the most poetic universe, go on an adventure.

Less poetic and more horrible, you can dive into the world Contempt. Get ready to enter a dark and ruthless world that combines fast, technological warfare in a digging and addictive story environment. The only survivor of the Silent Zoro massacre you play as a penitent. Explore the world of dreams to uncover the scary secrets of C.Vistodia. Only you can free the world from its terrible fate and achieve the origin of your suffering.

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This time with a racing game back in the air, Cloud drift. Like a Mario Kart, you will occupy your evenings by immersing yourself in the most colorful graphic universe with the most arcade games. To try without fear.

Finally comes the completely crazy game, Boomerang Fu. Master the boomerang path and chop your friends to pieces in this frenzied multiplayer game. Play as your favorite food while grilling, freezing or chopping anything on your way. Use more ridiculous forces than each other, combine them together to create scary combinations and become a black belt in Boomerang Fu!

Hit your head with Optica until April 9th

Optica is a puzzle game of complex logic and illusion. Geometric design does not exclude simplicity, Optica offers complex mysteries. From original shapes and optical illusions or unexpected perspectives, Optica pushes spatial boundaries through more than 70 complex levels. Create light paths by connecting places as you go. But don’t be fooled by looks. Rotate patterns to change perspective to discover new planes and pierce optical illusions.

Escape Machine is ready to depart with City Airborne until April 16th

Escape Machine City, a city threatened with impending doom. In the world of single machines, isolated at the top of a cliff in the middle of a desert expanse, complete dozens of difficult quests and original puzzles.

Immerse yourself in the myth of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tricks until April 23

In this tactical RPG, you lead the heroic gelfilling to restore light to the world of Thra!

Immerse yourself in the myth of the Dark Crystal to learn all about gelflings and their history in more than 5 different and modular regions. Choose from more than 15 professions and play in the rebuilt or never-before-seen battles against Sacred Skos, leading glorious jelfing to victory.

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You can request these games cette page Twitch By logging in with your Amazon credentials linked to your Freebox Delta offer.

As a reminder, the free availability of these games is limited, but after retrieving them, you can install them in the “Games” section of the Twitch app on your computer.