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How to run end-to-end encryption

How to run end-to-end encryption

Contrary to popular belief, the telegram does not encrypt conversations by default, but signals. Therefore, new users of the messaging app seem naive to think that their transactions are protected when they are not. Whether it is private or group conversations, the user must manually execute the end-to-end encryption.

Here’s how to protect all your conversations by enabling end-to-end encryption in Telegram, in a few quick steps.

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Enable end-to-end encryption on iOS

Start the telegram and open the conversation you want to protect. Press the name of the reporter or discussion group to access the dialog settings, then press the button Plus To show additional options.

All you have to do is implement the option Start a secret exchange, Confirm your choice by pressing To start Open the final encrypted chat window for the new end.

Enable end-to-end encryption on Android

Open the telegram and enter the dialog to protect. Press your reporter’s name and then the custom button can be marked with three small dots.

You can do that later Start a secret exchange. Verify your preference by pressing Get started Open the new secure chat window.

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