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3GB surprise connection, here's what's in it

3GB surprise connection, here’s what’s in it

Surprisingly, here it is Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain has received a new update in the last few hours By Konami Development Group. Some particularly hopeful players may have begun to think about the introduction of the highly rumored Chapter 3, but this is nothing.

According to patch notes Version 1.21 of Metal Gear Solid Vs., Konami simply started creating one Amendment to the terms of the contract Player charges in the first release of Action-Theft, directed by Video Kojima, released in 2017. So, a simple legal update, therefore, that will be used on all platforms for any version of the game, of the limited edition containing the standard Phantom Pain or Ground Zeros prologue.

What is true The weight of the update, 3GB pair, It is highly doubtful that such a simple change was introduced without any message from the content point of view. Mostly me Computer mines While the Games Radar editorial team is in direct contact, we are already working to find out if anything else is hidden within the update. Gonami Any clarification from the Japanese company, thereby providing judgment Recent financial results, Especially from the scenes of the video game world does not seem to suffer from the lack of metal gear solid.

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