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Adds a mod radiation beam -

Adds a mod radiation beam –

Argentina’s Moder Tario has released a video revealing his latest work: a Mod It adds Radiation tracking a Super Mario 64. We are talking about unofficial PC port. The mod is not yet available, but Tario has released a video, and it is paradoxical that he bought the GeForce RTX 3090, a $ 1500 video card to upgrade and play an old game.

After all, instead of wasting time with modern titles that really say nothing, it is better not to play a masterpiece like Super Mario 64. Truth aside, you will see the video above where you can see the mod operation with reflections in the water and some lighting. Truly remarkable creation, which greatly improves the graphics of the game.

Of course, the Super Mario 64 PC port is not supported by Nintendo in any way and this is tantamount to stealing, so we will not give you the links to download it. It is very pleasing to see the interest of some people towards a game from twenty years ago, when they were updated graphically, and, in every possible way, thanks to the official change, which was able to work deeper. In the game Code.

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