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Thanks to Elon Musk and Edward Snowden how the signal is transmitted above the downloads

How to send interim messages on signal

If you’ve recently left WhatsApp for a signal-like alternative, it shouldn’t be hard for you to navigate it. Secure messaging has a lot of features that WhatsApp already has, and their operation is easy. For example, this is the case with medieval news.

It is very practical to delete all traces of messages you can publish, the intermediate message function is activated separately for each conversation and allows you to automatically delete the messages your reporter reads after a certain period of time. Find out how to implement them on iOS and Android.

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1. Access the settings of the dialog

Open the app on your device and go to the dialog where you want to run interim messages.

On iOS, enable the option by pressing the name of your reporter (or team) to access the settings Medieval News. Then move the slider that appears to determine the length of time that reading messages are automatically deleted.

On Android, open the dialog where you want to activate the intermediate messages and press the Options button indicated by three small dots. Then press Medieval News, Then in the pop-up that opens on the screen, select the time when the reading messages will disappear.

2. Send messages

Now go back to the main dialog window. Warning to refer to it You have set the expiration date for interim messages to x minutes To be displayed.

Thanks to the stopwatch icon displayed in your broker name you can immediately see if the option is enabled in the dialog.

When you send a short message, it will automatically disappear from your screen after the time you set. Until your reporter reads your message, it will remain in the conversation. Once your speaker opens the dialog and notices your letter, the message will disappear from the dialog on his screen when the time you set is over.

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