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3 super simple and fast ways to get space on your iPhone

3 super simple and fast ways to get space on your iPhone

The need to free up memory on the iPhone is a constant problem on older or cheaper devices, i.e. those with 64GB of storage space. Huge apps and photos take up a lot of space on your phone, so the scary pop-up eventually suggests investing in the best cloud storage space so you can use your phone. However, there are tips to try and free up space and maximize efficiency without resorting to charge cloud solutions.

The first thing to do is to find out what is wrong. Open the iPhone settings and then tap General and Storage: Here you will find a simple and precise interface that reminds you of iTunes, which apps take up more space than others. Look at them carefully, but this will limit your photos and videos. Other times it can be a messaging app that downloads messages and links to your phone. In the latter case, you can always start the cleanup by deleting the applications and attachments that you do not need.

Remove pre-installed apps on iOS

Unnecessary apps are less of a problem for iPhones because you will only see apps compiled by Apple in the first place. But some of these programs are redundant and you may decide to remove them without creating a “junk” folder. Since the launch of iOS 10 in 2016, Apple has allowed you to delete anything: Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, …

To uninstall one of these apps, follow the same steps you use to download the app from the App Store: long press the icon and then select Remove App from the menu that appears. Once the deletion is confirmed, that’s it, if you need this program again in the future, you can find it in the App Store.

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In some cases, removing the app will not remove the associated functionality built into iOS. The same is true in the case of FaceTime – you can delete the app, but still make and receive calls through the phone app – and through contacts, it will be next to the number pad. The only apps you can’t remove are Safari and Messages.

If this step is not enough, you can use the “Delete applications you do not use” function to automatically delete applications you have not used for more than 180 days, keeping only data in memory. One day if you want to download them again and start using them again from where you left off.

Delete messages and links

If you send a lot of text messages, messaging apps with automatically saved photos, videos and memes may clog your phone. In Settings> General> Storage menu, tap Messages; Here you will find the most practical menu. Go to all sections and delete the ones you don’t want to free up a good chunk of memory, which will allow your iPhone to continue to be used for a while. You can repeat this process every time your smartphone is full, but it is a good idea to set up to clean the phone automatically and regularly. Go to Settings, News, and choose to keep messages always for a month instead. This way, the iPhone will erase anything older than 30 days, including photos, GIFs and videos.

Organize your photos and videos

The best way is to set aside some time to look at your photos and delete the ones you don’t like. But if you do not have time to waste, the first thing to do is disable automatic upload to iCloud (in settings, photos) so you do not risk going to the free threshold, and then disable the device’s HDR. More photo to reduce shots (settings, on camera).

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If you have not already done so in the previous step, check out WhatsApp. By default, the app downloads all photos from chats and groups, which takes up a lot of space. To avoid cluttering up your memory, open WhatsApp Settings, select Chat and turn off Save on Camera Roll.

The last alternative you left is Google Photos, which can be configured to automatically store an unlimited number of (now) high resolution photos on Google’s servers and then delete photos from your device to save space. This option to charge expires on June 2021, but anything you download before that date will count to free storage.

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