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New World - New World postpones its release to August 31, 2021

New World – New World postpones its release to August 31, 2021

Expected first last August, then in the spring of 2021, the release of New World is finally postponed until August 31st. Amazon Game Studios wants to add a new section to its MMORPG and refine its multiplayer instructions.

We know MMORPG New world Brings significant challenges Amazon Game Studios : Many of the studio’s previous titles were canceled or discontinued during the test, in which context New World is specifically expected to determine the producer’s ability to complete a project and meet player expectations.
Recently the new bossAmazon Andy Josie asked Promise to Amazon Game Studios teams And assured them that the time of victory would come.

He openly took his word for it. Amazon Game Studios Advertising Postponed the release date of New World today. MMORPG is now expected in the business version on August 31st – for registration, the release of New World was first announced for August 2020, before being postponed to the spring of 2021, so it is now necessary to wait until the summer.

The developer explains this postponement of the launch. The new Reach of Nerscale Zone, which will be available upon release of MMORPG, will be added to the game universe. At the same time, the studio wants to refine the main dynamics of the game, such as adding missions (events for players in small groups) and improving attacks on outposts to occupy the final game of these 20 v 20 battles.
For months now, the development team has dedicated itself to improving the functionality of the MMORPGs of the New World in order to set aside its “survival game” dimension.

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To help players be patient, the development team clarifies its test schedule. Alpha is set to continue in the coming months and expand and use MMO’s European servers by March 30th. The closed beta will then start on July 20th and will be accessible to all players who pre-order the game.