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Former President Nintendo wants more -

Former President Nintendo wants more –

According to the most recent information, TheE3 2021 It will be a major digital event that will feature two consecutive hours of keynote speeches, an awards show and small streams dedicated to publishers, influencers and business associates. The event will take place from June 15 to 17, and there will be a presentation evening on June 14. The event will be backed up by press conferences a week earlier. Finally, ESA (organizers and predecessors of E3 2021) would like to propose game demos for users. What do you think of Files-Aime, the former head of Nintendo in the United States? “It doesn’t seem very interesting.”

Why does former Nintendo President E3 think 2021? In his opinion, The most important part of an event This kind of is about allowing players to get their hands on the latest and most important news. The DemoTherefore, they should be the center of the event, not just a small area. Fils-Ime believes that if ESA fails in this, someone else will take his place very easily and it will be the end of E3.

The former Nintendo president fully agrees with the idea Create a digital event, Allowing millions of people closer to E3 2021, compared to the 60,000 who are generally likely to be physically fit in Los Angeles. However, ESA must find a way to try multiple games digitally: Fils-Aimé talks about game demos of ability The Lost of S, Breath of the Wild ET Geochi Exclusive Xbox.

“I don’t think I’ve read enough about this”: the former Nintendo president mentions it It is necessary to combine different elements in one package – Big announcements, game trials, the chance to have many surprises in a given period of time. For now, in his opinion, the E3 2021 is not proposing the right design.

Also keep in mind that many producers and publishers can decide Stay away from E3 2021 Manage your own independent event. Not to forget Summer Game Fest: Is it back in 2021? New logo modifying E3.