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Netflix has released the first spin-off trailer for the series

Netflix has released the first spin-off trailer for the series

Fans of Andrzej Sabkovsky’s history also watch a handful of news from Season 2 The Witcher, Netflix releases its first spin-off trailer, The Witcher: Wolf Nightmare.

Release Date and Teaser

This Friday July 9th is an important day for Saga fans The Witcher. In fact, the streaming site Netflix and Video Game Studio CD Organized an online conference called Project First Witcher Khan. Witcher. No pleasure in revealing Release Date and Season 2 Chapter Titles, Netflix has released the first teaser Wolf Nightmare, Another project eagerly awaited.

The Witcher: Wolf Nightmare Therefore 2D animated film based on the character of Wezemir, the guide of Gerald of Rivia, Much appreciated by fans. Directed by Korean director Kwang Il Han, the film has an aesthetic unlike the Netflix series. Fort. Although this is an animated film, keep in mind that this film is actually a sequel to the series. The Witcher. The film is produced by mainstream showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hisrich.

So the animated film is likely to shed light on some of the events of Season 2 The Witcher. In fact, Note that Wesemir’s character has not yet appeared in the series, with the first season focusing on Gerald de Reeve, Jennifer and Siri.. The visit of Siri to Khair Mohan has the potential to turn Wesemire into a key figure.

Netflix also reveals the picture The Witcher: Wolf Nightmare Released August 23, 2021, Four months before the second season. Apparently the news that delights the fans The Witcher, Who is not waiting to react.

This teaser from the animated film The Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf is very good, it talks about the story of the witch Wesemir. Can’t wait to see this u2694 ufe0f

Released August 23 Et NetflixFR ! #WitcherCon

July 9, 2021

I saw Wolf Nightmare coming out on Netflix next month #witchernetflix #WitcherCon

July 9, 2021

It already looks a little more interesting. #WitcherCon

July 9, 2021

August 23
An animated film

I will do Connor #WitcherCon

July 9, 2021

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