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1-0 happy in Leipzig: F.C. There is another hand in the Bayern shell - the game

1-0 happy in Leipzig: F.C. There is another hand in the Bayern shell – the game

If a goalkeeper is focused until Saturday evening Manuel Neuer, it is usually not good news for his team. However, the F.C. As for Bayer, this does not apply to the Bundesliga’s best game at the Rosenballsport Leipzig – which is related to the fact that the national goalkeeper showed his great looks before being kicked off.

Berlin assistant referee Los Koslowski discovered a small hole in the net at the Munich Gate, and Neuer quickly tied it with his piece. However, this is not enough for an officer: a stadium employee can start with a four-minute delay only after connecting to the network with cable connections.

Neuer’s five minutes before the kick-off was not so much action – so his Munich team won 1-0 (1-0) at Leipzig Central Stadium, with a goal from Leon Goretska in the final half. Thanks to Ewe’s win against the first followers, F.C. Bayern are now seven points ahead of Leipzig and have taken a big step on their way to their ninth consecutive championship. “We’m playing a good season and we’ll continue to play it – even if it’s not the first chance for a title,” Leipzig coach Julian Knucklesman told Sky.

Injured world footballer Robert Lewandowski and suspended Alfonso Davis and Jerome Boden had to do without Munich. Angelino, Kevin Campbell and Marcel Holstenberg did not leave Leipzig.

A hole in the net had to be glued with a cable tie just before the kick-off.Photo: Image Images / Image Point LE

Nevertheless, the Saxons started the game very seriously. The lawn ball game had a lot of possessions and Munich tried hard not to let the people get into their rhythm in the first place. It didn’t seem to bother the head of the desk much. Coach Hansie Flick’s team was careful not to let Leipzig get down to their well-known conversion game.

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The result was an intense fight with several duels in midfield, however, which had to be done without getting chances for a long time. After Emil Forsberg finished after the previous offside position, only one shot from Eric Maxim Chow-Moting’s post was half-significant penalty area shots.

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That changed in the final stages of the first half. After a strong long ball from Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Mல்லller made a little space with a hook and went back to the penalty spot, from where Leon Goretzka unintentionally hit the ball into the right corner, which advanced to a 1-0 lead in Munich. After a while, Leroy Sane and Saubo-Motting also had more opportunities.

Leipzig coach Julian Knucklesman responded to his team’s lack and attacking vulnerability and brought in Justin Cluvert for Forceberg in the second half. After all, the hosts went to work with a completely different determination. Near the penalty area, they were very honest and consistently sought an end.

In the first few minutes after the break, they created four good chances through Christopher Nungu, Marcel Sabitzer and Danny Olmo. However, due to the lack of accuracy in every case, Neuer was unemployed. “We pushed Bayer back in the second half. Unfortunately, we shot past each time,” Knucklesman said. About an hour later, Subiter’s long-range shot flew in the direction of the goal, but Neuer pushed him over the crossbar.

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Byrne is now noticeable. Leipzig forced guests to make mistakes in building with energetic pressure, and would have already received compensation at this point. Munich did not make much progress and they seemed to want to bring victory – perhaps with a view to Wednesday’s Champions League quarter-final against Paris Saint-Germain – with as little effort as possible over time.

20 minutes before the end, Flick brought in new players with Jamal Musiala, and Serge Knabri and Nakelsman responded. Along with Youssef Paulsen, Alexander Charlotte and Hee-chan Hwang, the Leipzig coach sent all available attacking players to the field. The Saxons’ intense stimulus phase was already over, so it was with a short Munich win. “Definitely an important step,” Newer notes of the championship. “We don’t want it to be snatched away from us anymore.”