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Experiment - Indestructible Phoenix Rising - Myths of the Heavenly Empire |  Xbox One

Experiment – Indestructible Phoenix Rising – Myths of the Heavenly Empire | Xbox One

After the first extension, after allowing Phoenix to continue the story in its quest for decay, we now embark on a new adventure created by Ubisoft’s Chengdu. In this second expansion, we change the scenario of going to Asia in the presence of a new hero.

Gu du sequence

Greece, Phoenix and other gods, led China. At this time, you can not customize your hero, we play a young player named Ku. When he woke up, he realized he was the last survivor and all the other people turned to stone (hey, that tells me something).

As if that weren’t enough, he also sees a kind of large energy ray: the mountain completely decomposed by the scar. He soon meets Nua, the creative goddess who designed the first humans. With his help, Ku embarks on a quest to restore basic balance and close the slash.

Along the way, we meet some people from Chinese mythology, including another god, Kong Kong. This story is similar to what the original game can offer us, with a bit more rage. There is also a construction similar to the Phoenix adventure. If the first DLC is a series of tests, here we are pushed to a new open area. Good size, the latter is divided into 3 visually very beautiful biomes. These collections wonderfully reflect Chinese culture, which can also be found on soundtracks or quin costumes. Also, for those who want to know a little more about Chinese mythology, the map is packed with scrolls to find, each bringing its share of knowledge.

The scene is very classic, ultimately very close with Phoenix, but it’s still fun to follow. Allow 4 to 5 hours to see its end, temples and mythological challenges are included, and a few more hours if you want to collect all the breasts.

A little smell of warming?

As we said above, this extension is built on the same project as the original game. That is, we have a large open area filled with chests for collecting, resources or mythical challenges. These are already very close to galaxies or anti-clock races, but still offer two new features. First, a test that sounds four bells at once (some can be blocked by a puzzle) and another on the same nerve as the murals.

This second DLC brings other notable new features to puzzles, such as wind-powered clouds, wind-powered plants or even modules that change the size (and weight) of each stroke. Related to other possibilities that already exist, the puzzles gain richness and interest. However, while all of these innovations are pleasant, one cannot help but have a great sense of dijo-wu when crossing this new country. First of all, even in some animations Gu has the same skills as Phoenix, and his handling is no different. It is the same for war and will always do more damage with this most important combo system. If we recognize a style that approaches Asian culture, we can notice that it is only a simple transformation of the skin of the monsters already on the Phoenix Gold Island.

It’s a little hard to be disappointed, for example, that we’d like to have different weapons, change the way we fight a little, or breathe creativity into the pastry, which may have drawn more effectively from Chinese folk tales.

Tested on the Xbox Series X.

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