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Postponed full version release -

Postponed full version release –

Dalworlds Entertainment has released a new blog post, marking the first anniversary of the release of its initial access version. Mount & Plate 2 BannerLord. The message discusses the changes introduced over the past year, starting with the user interface and moving on to modding. The studio worked hard to meet the deadline, but realized they needed more time to complete the game’s work. To this end, he decided to move the release of the full version of the Mount & Blade 2 bannerlord2021 last quarter.

Says Dalworlds, “The release is now scheduled for Q4 2021, but will continue to grow until the game becomes more fun and enjoyable. One more thing to add: Mount & Blade 2 BannerLord is coming to consoles as many of you may want to know.”

“As we have always said, our current goal is to finish work on the PC version of the Mount & Blade 2 banner. Console versions will come later, but they will come! When we have additional information to share, you will be the first to know. Follow us on our site, forums and social media channels. ”

With early access, as mentioned, the game is already available You can buy the Mount & Blade 2 bannerlord and start playing right now. We also remind you that the first tools for motors are available.

Mount & Blade 2 BannerLord: Release Delayed