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Zoya's New Command: Mandatory Bands at Venice Airports - Download PDF

Zoya’s New Command: Mandatory Bands at Venice Airports – Download PDF

“In light of the progress made in the spread of infections around the world, I recently signed a new decree establishing control and safety measures for visitors to Veneto airports.”

Luca Jaya, Governor of Veneto, announces it.

“This is a sensible step, especially for some European countries, where the ECTC, the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is reporting complex issues.”

“Also, there are positive cases when we return to Veneto, and then they are sent to subjects that end up in the hospital or intensive care.”

“For the health of citizens, those returning from these European countries, and those not vaccinated, must be very careful when picking up a cloth at the airport or at one of the buffer centers in the area.”

“This is also a preventative measure to avoid surprises, because the virus has unfortunately accustomed us to sudden changes in the scene.”

“We also see the vaccination campaign being carried out in relation to the hospitalized subjects. Therefore, we all need to work together to keep the screening activity alive in the population.”

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