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The device 500 device for American patriots is probably the cheapest cell phone from China

The device 500 device for American patriots is probably the cheapest cell phone from China

Bitcoin millionaire and Trump supporter Eric Pinman claims to have developed a “completely uncensored” smartphone with the free phone. But there are many catches.

Eric Pinman was a Bitcoin millionaire when he was 16 years old. Finman left high school and moved to Palo Alto, California without his parents, where he founded various startups. Young entrepreneurs also made investments, for example Metal Bay, a crypto company. Currently, his Bitcoin asset value is said to be US $ 13 million. His current plan, known as the Freedom Phone for American Patriots, further criticized the 22-year-old Trump supporter.

An “uncensored” cell phone from a manufacturer in China

This is because the device that Finman advertises as a “completely uncensored” smartphone and charges $ 499.99 may be the Chinese company Umidiki’s A9 Pro. The Daily Beast writes. Cost: About 150 euros. Meanwhile, Finman has confirmed that the smartphone is made by Umitiki. But he insists that production will not take place “in mainland China.” His seat Hat umidiki In Shenzhen though. The manufacturer is known for its entry-level devices, which it sells exclusively online on Aliexpress, Ebay or Amazon.

Meanwhile, Finnman reveals some details about the smartphone on the Independent Phone page. It is clear that it should go on sale in August. The smartphone should have a six-inch screen and “bigger memory” and “better camera”. Need more technical details? “It can do everything your current smartphone can do, without censoring you.” Additionally, you can quickly switch from your old to new cell phone. The goal is to ensure that free communication is no longer blocked by large technology companies.

The free phone comes with Android OS based FreedomOS

Finman is probably playing on them Donald Trump’s Twitter account banned As well as the relentless expulsion of right-wing and right-wing extremists in particular Popular utility parlor. Accordingly, Finman calls the free phone an “incomprehensible app store” and has already installed applications such as Parlor or Newsmax, but also Taktuko. This device is called Friedomos as its operating system, which, according to Finman, is based on AOSP, LineageOS and GrapheneOS.

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Hooks in designs Des crypto-millionaires: AOSP is an open source version of Android, LineageOS and GrapheneOS based on AOSP. The unaudited app store is the renamed Aurora Store, which lets you access apps on the Google Play Store. If the column. However, Google services and applications are not really pre-installed. But there are more reviews on Finman because he uses an iPhone. On the website He also relies on Google Analytics and payment services provided by Apple, Google and Amazon.

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