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Zelda Breathe of the Wild tops the list of 100 Most Favorite Japanese Players of 2021 - Teller Report

Zelda Breathe of the Wild tops the list of 100 Most Favorite Japanese Players of 2021 – Teller Report

The methodology used to put this poll forward better is based on a model that is large enough to cover all generations and is representative of different ages. Then came the system of coefficients of learning more than was created for the GameCult Awards, with 10 points for first place, 7 for second place, then 5, 3 and only a small point for emphasizing the stage. Games.

We recreate below the first 100 that result, i.e. 100 titles with the most points in 30,000 games, according to the data Famitsu, Partner of the show. Regular favorites, such as Dragon Quest V, which slips before the third episode, often emerge at the top of the stage, with some level transitions to suit episodes.

Generation Update and premium for the latest games include Animal Crossing: New Horizons (4th), Splatoon 2 (5th) or Super Smash Brothers. . Ultimate (7th), beyond the big winner. Pokemon Sword / Shield also benefits from a hell of a lot, this series is one of the most represented with FF and DQ, with 10 references each.

In detail, this study helps to once again attest to the unexpected romantic appraisal of some Western topics on the part of Anderdeal and its Japanese side. Fan Legion Always very motivated, Apex Legends allows you to change notes like Bloodborne or Zelda Majora’s Mask, as Japan has one of its biggest markets, or even Dead by Daylight, not tomorrow. Like any good poll, it is a way of explaining the still alive popularity of historical series coming from Japan over a period of time and above all. Also note that between Splatoon and Zelda, some of the top 10 series are generally set to host sequels in 2022.

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