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YoWindow Weather app for iOS 49 is free instead of 3.49

YoWindow Weather app for iOS 49 is free instead of 3.49

Yovindo Weather “is a weather app that simulates a window display on your iPhone or iPad. It is currently the fourth best weather app in the Apple App Store, free for 49 instead of 3.49.

We continue to publish a selection of free Android and iOS apps for the time being. Since the 4th best weather app on the AppStore is now free, I will tell you about it before our article is dedicated to free apps. This is “Yovindo Weather” and you can download it via the link below:

Yovindo Weather is actually a combination of weather application and wallpaper. Because in addition to current weather information, there are more than 700 photos of cities around the world. The application adapts the wallpaper to the current weather conditions.

Yovindo is rated 4.6 stars on the Appstore

In addition to fourth place, Yovindo developer Pavel Repkin can boast of 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Appstore. A total of 408 users voted. The only downside of the app is that the developer did not give Apple any privacy information.

Yowindow shows drawn backgrounds or photos / © Yowindow / Screenhot: NextPit

This may be because the application has not been updated for some time. For example, copyright is only granted until 2018. However, you can find more information on the Yovindo website.

In addition to iOS, the app is also available for Android and MacOS and Windows. It is not clear how long the app will be free for iPhones and iPods. In fact, Apple unfortunately did not specify the period of its advertising.

My colleague Stephen Yovindo wanted to try

Since my colleague Stephen has an iPhone, I asked him to pick up Yovindo. He liked the design of the app and could not find any ads or in-app purchases. If Yovindo was not the most comprehensive weather app he had ever seen, it would be so beautiful!

If you are looking for a new weather app, you should give Yovindo a try! Otherwise, wait until tonight to select the free apps for Android and iOS.

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