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YouTube: Videos can now be ‘downloaded’ – Google brings download functionality to premium users

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Google’s video site Web light It has opposed the download function for videos for many years and has repeatedly taken action against portals that provide such functionality. Basically, this overview is still there, but at least the users YouTube Premium Expect new download functionality for desktop now, however, may not work as one might expect.

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YouTube lives by the fact that all users watch videos on the browser or app and pay to use it as part of a premium subscription or shower ads before and after a video. For this reason, there is no download function because if you want to archive a video or want to watch it again and again you have to do it through the video site and stream it again and again. In the eyes of YouTube, this is an understandable perspective that will certainly not be shaken in the future.

However, YouTube Premium has long offered the option of downloading videos on smartphones for offline use. Videos are available for a limited time within the application and can be viewed without an internet connection. It saves a lot of traffic with mobile data, and of course this is practical if you have to cross one or another radio space. But the easiest to do on Android was not previously available on the desktop.

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Now there is a new test that brings an offline functionality to the desktop browser. YouTube Premium users can use this feature Test page Activate and then you will see a download button at the bottom of each video.

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YouTube Downloaded Videos

Of course, the downloaded video is not stored as a video file on the local computer, which YouTube wants to block, but it is stored in the browser’s local cache, which can then be accessed through the advanced web app. Theoretically, storage space limits for this cache are rare, but you should not store too many videos there. PWA and cache should allow videos to be fully played without an internet connection.

All videos downloaded this way are on the overlay page Visible and can be called from there or deleted again. This seems to be a very convenient feature for users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium for this and other reasons. Whether to really call this “download” – Google does it – and then again defining thing. In practice, the video is stored on the local computer. The fact that you can’t open it without YouTube doesn’t really matter by this definition.

This is currently a test run only, ending on October 19th. However, it can be assumed that it will soon be available to all YouTube Premium users.

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