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Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Bossmaster Fishing 2022 – October 28th brings the thrill of Big Boss fishing to your console and PC

Dowdail Games developer and publisher of real game simulations, today the official video game PassMaster Fishing 2022 PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 Home Computer Entertainment System, Xbox Series X | The Xbox One family of devices, including the S, Xbox One X and Windows PC, will be released via Steam. This title is available on release with the Xbox Game Pass and offers a variety of options for anglers interested in where and how to catch Big Boss.

With the first look of the game released today, Dowdail Games shares details about the exciting new game modes and features that come with the introduction of the Sport Fishing Simulator. True to life, players can participate in fully licensed career mode, where they must take first place in the College Series, OpenS and Elite Series. Players can embark on this journey with one of the 10 Elite Series fishermen or create their own character supported by the sponsor of their choice. As players compete with each other, they will experience eight different real-world locations that accurately reflect depth, fish species, native plants and local identities, and earn pass bucks in the game for different types of bait, fishing, and opening rods. And they can bring the right gear to every unique place.

BossMaster Fishing 2022 brings a new twist in multiplayer mode and allows players to compete with each other in “BossMaster Royal” multiplayer mode! This completely new game mode challenges the fisherman to be the last player to fish and compete against the clock together and keep the weight of their catch more than the other participants. Clever fishing, the choice of fishing location and the strategic use of the brand new underwater camera all need to be eliminated as competition is tough! Multiplayer mode provides cross-play between all platforms so fishermen can play with friends on any platform.

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Independent fishing is a multiplayer mode where players can relax and fish with their friends. Choose one of eight real life locations and explore and fish without competition with your friends. This way, you can explore and train in your spare time so you are ready for competitive fishing.

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