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YouTube shorts can always welcome one of the worst innovations

YouTube shorts can always welcome one of the worst innovations

Google is testing ads on its short video stream YouTube Shorts. If the idea is widespread, the user experience will become a small test.

YouTube Shorts // Source: Web light

Announced in the United States in September 2020, YouTube shorts took a while to land in our regions. We had to wait until July 14, 2021 to start watching very short videos with the intention of competing with TikTok. For a maximum of 60 seconds, the content will be displayed according to YouTube’s powerful algorithm.

It is clear that YouTube shorts can be very useful: missing an hour in the middle of videos can happen really quickly. Other than that, he says Mountain View has yet to generate advertising revenue, despite having 30 billion daily views.

First definitive results

This is why the California team is trying to take advantage of this urge of users, especially by setting up ads. This at least emerges from the comments of Google’s business director during a call with investors. The current test is currently limited, but the results seem plausible.

Although these are still early days, we are happy with the initial results and the initial feedback from the advertisers.“, According to the person concerned Bloomberg. For now, this test is about ads for installing apps. Obviously, advertising themes may be expanded in the future.

All “Benefits” to Google

If Google ended its campaign with advertising campaigns in the middle of its short film videos, the user experience would deteriorate. Those who really want to be stopped in their tracks by imposed content that you are not interested in.

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After all, the integration of ads may be a new reason to motivate yourself to subscribe to YouTube Premium to enjoy the ad-free experience. This can be doubly loud for Google: on the one hand, YouTube Shorts will ultimately generate revenue, and on the other hand, it may increase the number of its premium subscriptions.

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