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Instagram: comment personnaliser l’icône officiel sur son portable ?

Instagram: How to customize the official icon on your mobile?

This is a trick that will serve a lot of Instagram subscribers. This includes learning how to change the official icon on your laptop.

Instagram has something new for its subscribers. In fact, recently, it is You can customize the official icon of the social network. To learn how to achieve this, MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram is full of unknown tricks

You do not need to launch the app. Everyone around the world knows Instagram. Also, application Has less than 1.393 billion subscribers. That’s it!

But, even with all these users, Social networking still holds a lot of secrets. Yes, every day newcomers find tips to make better use of the app.

In these little tips, Instagram subscribers can find out How to edit key content restrictions.

But that’s not all. In fact, as some may have already noticed, there are accounts Enjoy splitting an image. This is more or less their trademark.

So, of course, there are many subscribers who wonder how these people were able to achieve this. Well, know that everything is done in Grid Post application. You will change your feed in a few clicks Instagram.

But, if there is one thing you need to know about social networking, that is it There are still a lot of surprises for its subscribers. Nothing more to say.

So fear not, this is not a joke in bad taste. This is a little trick Can entertain many.

The latter need to know How to customize the official icon on your laptop. MCE TV tells you more!

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Instagram: How to change the official icon on your mobile?

How to customize the official icon on your laptop?

Steps to follow on iPhone

To do so, it is very simple. To get started, you need to first make sure that iOS version 14 is the same or higher. When it’s good, Download shortcuts and create new shortcuts On the home screen.

When it’s done, you have to do it Click “Open App” and then “Instagram”. Then, select a photo to use as a shortcut image.

Then, there are many ways to customize the Instagram icon. You need to find something that seems easy to you. When this is done, you can Change as many times as you like Logo on your home screen.

Steps to follow on Android

As for the iPhone, make a download The application, this time it is, is called the X Icon Changer. When done, click on the Instagram icon.

All that remains is to select an icon from the default library. Then, it is quite possible to upload a photo yourself or change the icon of another app already used on the phone.

But, this processor does not have all that, it does The name of the icon can be changed. When done, simply press OK.

Now the corresponding icon The Instagram shortcut will be added to your home screen. But, one small thing still needs to be done before everything is over.

Don’t forget to hide the original app Avoid being identical with two different icons. Because it is not very practical.