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YouTube Music for Root OS: New App Launched;  Now only for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (screen shots)

YouTube Music for Root OS: New App Launched; Now only for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (screen shots)


Both Wear OS As well as at YouTube Music There have been a lot of innovations over the last few weeks, and now a common step is as follows: Google has finally launched the YouTube Music Release for the new root OS and is bringing the music streaming processor back to smartwatches. But there is a big catch right now.

YouTube Music Icon

Streaming music on a smartwatch may not be a major function, but it is a big topic for many users, and was initially provided by Google through Music Play for OS OS and Android Wear. But Google Play Music for smartwatches was discontinued a year ago and its successor YouTube Music has not come to smartwatches for a long time – to this day. Now Google has given permission to provide YouTube music for the new root OS. However, it is currently only available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

The new YouTube Music for Root OS provides custom functionality in a very modern interface. You can search for songs, invite playlists, stream and download music. Depending on the storage space available, 50 to 500 songs can be downloaded for offline listening. In settings, among other things, as you know it from other sites, you can specify to filter songs with explicit content.

The interface is modern, and when a song starts, if no application is connected, the application switches directly to the connection settings for Bluetooth headphones. Below are some screen shots from the new app that will not be seen on other smartwatches until next year.

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Use YouTube Music OS1

For USB Music OS2

YouTube Music for Clothes 3

It is difficult to answer why the app is only offered for the new root OS, which is not offered on any other smartwatch other than the Galaxy Watch 4 – which is austere in Google services.

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