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UFL: New competition for FIFA and PES

UFL: New competition for FIFA and PES

“FIFA” leaves little room for competition and Konami this year With the idea of ​​playing for free Trying a new approach, another candidate with “UFL” is on the field. Strikers Inc. has announced a new free-to-play football game for consoles under this name.

“UFL” has been in development for five years. The first trailer, which does not provide a deep insight into the game, shows that it is used in the production of Unreal Engine. Release date will be announced soon.

“The game is available for free and we will continue to add new features and updates without any fees or annual fees,” Strikers Inc. said in a statement. “The game is designed to be a fair gaming experience, where skill is paramount and there are no options for paying.”

The creators certainly seem to want to target the “FIFA” series, which is greatly affected by its reliance on FUT. And the equipment is already impressive: “UFL” will start with 5,000 licensed players from the real world. You can hire them and lure them into your own club.

A revolutionary and reasonable gaming experience

Obviously developers lack confidence. They want to do nothing less than “football fans and enthusiastic players” and “rediscover football gaming from the ground up”. In addition, players around the world should be offered “a revolutionary, exciting and fair gaming experience”. “UFL” will also announce the launch of a “revolutionary new global online football league”.

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Thanks to the partnership with the game analysis company Instat “UFL” should be up to date, which should provide each player detailed data and current statistics. So far, there are no really meaningful game posts. On top of that Official site You can at least sign up and get more information by email.

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