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Google Chromecast gets the real YouTube app

YouTube makes its in-stream playback feature even more annoying

YouTube’s latest beta features a new in-stream video playback system. The latter is more intrusive than the application currently offers.

YouTube makes its in-stream playback feature even more annoying
YouTube works on a new in-stream reading system… but it clearly does not suit everyone’s taste // Source: Unsplash / Christian Wiedige

Not all new features are good news, and YouTube’s new playback feed system unfortunately falls into this category. Disables from settings (under the “General Settings” tab), this feature allows playing videos in the background during navigation. This functionality risks further intrusion into the next version of the application… and it already does not need to be appreciated by everyone in its current form.

Android Police Access the latest YouTube beta (version 17.10.35) APKMirror) This new feature, inaccessible to all beta users, has the effect of darkening the background and introducing controls under the automatically launched video. These buttons allow you to mute the sound, display subtitles, and move on to the next clip with the possibility of adding a video to the playlist.

Slightly indigestible novelty

We also know that users can manage playback and access other commands through the traditional menu with three small dots. If the accidentally started video turns out to be interesting, the full interface will be displayed by clicking on it.

YouTube makes its in-stream playback feature even more annoying

Source: Android Police

This new system is more complete than the old one, however it lacks much control, as it occupies a large portion of the display space very quickly. If you choose to use this in the final version of YouTube, it may interfere with the navigation somewhat. Fortunately, as mentioned above, in-stream playback can be turned off in four clicks. The discomfort caused by that should be moderate.

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