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You should have 10 shortcuts on your iPhone

You should have 10 shortcuts on your iPhone

Allows you to create many simple automations, the use of shortcuts is really very powerful. This allows you to take full control of your device, with only the limits of your imagination. Belgium-iPhone editorial staff gives you a summary of the best shortcuts for use on the iPhone and iPod.

Before downloading these shortcuts, first check if there is a shortcut application on your iPhone or iPod. It is available by following This link. Also be aware that your device will let you know that these shortcuts are incredible. Of course, we tested them, so we check their safety.

To start the shortcut, you have two possibilities. Start it by tapping it directly on the app or tell Sree its proper name.

Shortcut “Water Discharge”

IP67 and IP68 certified, iPhone 7 and above benefit from a certain waterproofness. However, the fluid will see the inputs of the smartphone, such as headphones or a microphone. While some apps allow you to create water exhaust sounds, there is an easy-to-use shortcut. When activated, Water Eject will emit less sound from your iPhone speakers. Any liquid in it will then be expelled. Do not hesitate to repeat the process several times if you do not notice major changes.

The “Water Eject” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Travel time to go home”

The Travel Time Home Shortcut tells you how convenient it is to get home in no time before returning to the road. Before you can use the shortcut, you must enter your home address there. To do this, press the three small dots on the top right of the shortcut bubble, then go to the mailing address bubble where you can enter your address.

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Additionally, the shortcut is scheduled in English by default. However, the last preview can go to the bubble and change the language to French. Translate the text into the language of your choice.

The “Travel Time Home” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “I’m home!”

Very simple in its structure, the J Suez return shortcut is very effective. How many times, when we leave a place, are we asked to send a message that we have returned safely? “I’m home!” Thanks to that, your iPhone will send these three short words directly to the contact of your choice upon your return home.

Shortcut “I’m home!” Available here.

“Share WiFi” shortcut

To share your WiFi network with guests, you must first provide your password. With the possibility of sharing your network without compromising your security by sharing your WPA2 key, sharing possibilities are now numerous. Shortcuts on the iPhone allow you to generate a QR code, which you can then present to your guests, and they will automatically connect your devices to your network.

The “Share WiFi” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Show Mode”

If you have an Apple Watch, you have already enabled Show Mode to be quiet. This feature, which is unique to the headwatch, allows the screen to hang, but also prevents any sound emission and creates constant vibrations.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on the iPhone. This is why it is necessary to go through shortcuts to use similar options. Therefore, Theater mode reflects the function of the shortcut clock, obviously suitable for your device. This will minimize the size and brightness while enabling your terminal to be hassle free and energy saving. Additionally, you can disable this show mode via this shortcut.

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The “Theater Mode” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Photo Details”

When a photo is taken, his camera records all kinds of data related to it. File extension, creation date, file size… everything goes there, which is also on the iPhone. However, not all of this information is accessible in the Photos app. Fortunately, Photo Details Shortcut allows you to recover all your data. By launching the shortcut, your iPhone will allow you to select the information you want to receive. After selecting it and a short wait, all the information related to this snapshot will appear.

The “Photo Details” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Music Quiz”

If you have an iPod classic (or still own one), you may have read the Music Quiz before. Like a blind test in every way, this mini-game draws music from your library and then randomly guesses some melodies. The advent of iOS 14 on the iPhone allowed this popular game to come back. It goes directly to music to detect your sounds, and you can approximate whether or not you have an Apple Music subscription.

The shortcut to the “Musical Quiz” is available here.

Shasam Shortcut

We will not insult you to submit the Shajam application which has already been downloaded more than 450 million times. Know that a shortcut allows you to quickly “shasam” music. It is recognized by the shortcut and then allows you to add it to your Apple Music Library or copy it to another application.

The “Shajam” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Generate QR Code”

Like the shortcut for sharing your WiFi, “Generate a QR Code” allows you to create a barcode, as its name implies. However, the use of this shortcut is slightly different. In fact, instead of sharing your Internet network password, this shortcut allows you to do many things. So, it can mark a website, send a message or email and create a contact, event or wireless network.

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The “Generate QR Code” shortcut is available here.

Shortcut “Search on Amazon”

If you are used to ordering products from e-commerce company, this shortcut will be very useful for you. “Search on Amazon” allows you to order the same barcode, scan the barcode and dive directly into the app. The product is obviously required to be listed on Amazon, but it has a good chance.

The “Search Amazon” shortcut is available here.