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You can now run it for free on Twitter

You can now run it for free on Twitter

Released in Japan in 1996 and in France three years later, Versions Red and blue of Pokemon Favorite versions of early fans in general. For good reason, they represent the first generation of game freak creatures, the real Pokemon in the look of license success. Now the free running version on Twitter.

Pokemon Red that everyone plays on Twitter

Twitch with the Twitch Place after being mesmerized with the Pokmon experience, version Rouge Pokemon took to Twitter. Everyone can run it for free, this video game experience is by Konstantin Leydard, developer at Gameloft Montreal. Starting January 8 on Twitter, platform users will be able to play directly from their profile. The policy is simple, Internet users specify the keys to be followed by the tweet, and Leard updates his profile picture accordingly.

Every 15 seconds, the image is updated with the most requested functionality. For many an adventure is still hard to follow. One movement every 15 seconds is enough to encourage more than one. Nevertheless, interested parties are playing the game and trying to make the Pokemon League even better. The starters were right because the starting Pokemon were none other than the squirrel, thus allowing them to progress quickly. Further, These patient enthusiasts were able to go to the game options to turn off the battle animations.

A paradox is also unlocked so that players can organize themselves accordingly. At the time of writing, the trainer is facing a Level 9 nosophropathy, with on his side, a Level 18 carafe called “AMAYBE”. Players need to see if this adventure will end before the adventure. However, the small community that is centered on this experience is active, and should stay for a while.

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