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Here is the new Robrak S7 vacuum cleaner, which has a vibrating whisk!

Here is the new Robrak S7 vacuum cleaner, which has a vibrating whisk!

This new robot vacuum includes fast vibrating wipe and provides intelligent and automatic lifting function to ensure efficient and hassle free cleaning. Designed for easy washing of a wide variety of surfaces, the S7 makes it easy to vacuum and simplify.

A superior sonic vibration wiper

Thanks to the speed of its vibrating sweep, the Robrak S7 offers a wide variety of settings for high-intensity cleaning between 1650 rpm and 3000 rpm (which corresponds to 50 Hz and Sonic in between). 20 and 20,000 Hz). It easily removes dirt from the floor, crushes the most stubborn traces and leaves the floors fresh. The S7 also features the new Deep mode, which mops twice in one place for a complete cleanup.

Smart lift technology provides more active navigation in challenging environments. When it detects rugs or other classic traps, the latter called vibras automatically lift the broom (up to 0.5 cm). Thanks to this invention, which is made possible by RoboRock’s new ultrasonic carpet authentication technology, S7 carpets can clear hard floors while moving seamlessly. The S7 lifts the whip when it returns to its charging station, thus keeping the newly replaced bases clean.

Other notable improvements

A new staple brush is designed to hold less hair and adheres better to the floor, especially carpets. This S7 offers 2500 Pa of suction power for deep cleaning of dirt and debris on all types of floors very efficiently. We also own the 5200 mAh battery, which allows for up to three hours of continuous cleaning (in silent mode). Note that its dust container has a capacity of 470 ml, of which one container is added to 300 ml of water.

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The Robrock application also features some new features, including better management of the cleaning process, programming of cleaning time, saving your options, and defining the intensity of the cleaning passage.
Wipe. The intelligent mapping system allows the robot to follow the exact path of the vacuum in real time during each cleaning session, providing an overview of the S7 vacuum and modified areas.

Finally, this model is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri shortcuts, responds to the S7 voice commands and fits perfectly into a connected home for easy use and voice.

The Roberac S7 will be available in France from the second quarter Priced at 549 euros.