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You can download Android apps from the Play Store from 2022

Do you find it even more complicated to use Android applications on Windows? Google will make it easy for you. During the Game Awards 2021, Mountain View announced that the Play Store will release Microsoft OS in 2022. It is available on both Windows 10 and 11.

When Microsoft raised the screen on Windows 11, the company announced its operating system and created a small event. Run Android applications. After a few days, this feature will be available to members of the Insiders program. It is still in development with the latest activity on the Dev Channel. Already, however, frustration is being felt on the part of users.

In fact, we are still in no position to use any Android app. For now, the Microsoft Store only provides accessAmazon AppStore So for a limited number of applications, most people are not interested. However, the problem can be solved by installing APKs, but it really is not Own method promised by Microsoft. But that will change soon.

The Play Store is coming to Windows 10 and 11 next year

That night, Google used the Game Awards to make a big announcement. “From 2022, players will be able to enjoy their favorite Google Play games on a large number of devices: they can switch from phone to tablet, from Chromebook to Windows PC without interruption”, Says company spokesman Alex Garcia-Gummert. “Designed by Google, this product brings the best of Google Play games to most laptops and desktops, and we are pleased to expand our site so that gamers can enjoy their favorite Android games even more. “

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Google has mentioned that “This will be Google’s own Windows application that supports Windows 10 and later” And “There will be no game streaming”. The manufacturer is preparing to upgrade Microsoft Formula because it wants to offer its store In Windows 10 too. Additionally, you can switch from one device to another without any problems and use the latest backup. See you next year.

Source: On the edge