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Wonder Woman is an open world and includes the Nemisis System -

Wonder Woman is an open world and includes the Nemisis System –

Wonderful woman, A new tie-in developed by Monolith Productions, will be an action-packed game Open world And covering other things Nemisis system Seen in two chapters of La Terra di Mezzo.

The Wonder Woman teaser at the 2021 Game Awards says nothing about the game, but fortunately the developers have thought about offering some details After disclosure.

“Wonder Woman, who has been fighting for truth, justice and equality for over eighty years, is one of the most popular DC superheroes of all time.

“The talented team at Monolith Productions is doing their best to deliver a Wonder Woman tie-in that players have never experienced before.”

David Hewitt, vice president and studio head of Monolith Productions, said: “We believe player-centric storytelling has the potential to bring people together. Includes. “

“Nemisis System has raised the bar for these kinds of experiences, and we & # 39; re excited to push the open world genre forward, combining spectacular action and creative storytelling to create the Wonder Woman tie-in that everyone wants to play.”

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