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Playtonic Games

Yooka Laylee Developer is a Tencent partner at Playtonic Games – ntower

British developer Platonic games, Has also been a publisher under the Blacktonic Friends label for some time, and has partnered with a Chinese gaming company. Tencent Announced. The Derby-based company has sold its own shares to Tenzin. Playtonic did not provide any details about the purpose of the transaction. It just means that one Minority in total shares Must act in group.

According to its own reports, Playtonic has complete control over its own brands and the creative direction of the company. Platonic Games is a studio founded by former Rare Developers and worked exclusively with the operating system Yuga-Lali Created a name. The British company wants to use the new capital to hire more staff and pursue more projects.

Tencent has been expanding exponentially for some time and regularly acquires shares in well-known developer studios and publishers. A few days ago, it was announced that China is a technology giant Taken by developer studio Samurai Jack and Ninjala Is. Tencent’s development strategy is viewed critically by many audiences. It is unclear what influence the Chinese government will have on the company.

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Source: Platonic games

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