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Test Zoo Agatha Christie: Hercule Boyrode - First Cases - Nintendo Switch - ntower

Test Zoo Agatha Christie: Hercule Boyrode – First Cases – Nintendo Switch – ntower

If you ask about the greatest detectives in literary history, you will find the name Hercules Bairrod with Sherlock Holmes. Agatha Christie has seen many instances of how to impress in the form of a book, movie or video game in the course of her fiction from the tip of a Belgian master sniper pen. The latter media recently received a new entry with Agatha Christie: Hercule Byrde – The First Cases, which under a new group will take a different approach than the previously published Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders. Our test will tell you whether this new puzzle adventure of the famous Hercule Poirot convinces and challenges the “little gray cells”.

A young Herculean boycott investigates

As mentioned earlier, Agatha Christie: Hercule Poirot – The first cases were different from the “semi-precedent” ABC murders. This time it tells a story that does not appear in the novels, but is reimagined. The plural of the title “First Cases” is somewhat misleading because, in principle, from the preface to the final scene, it is about the story of the wealthy van den Bosch family, however, with its branches and various rules. Secondary characters. Agatha Christie: Hercules Bairot – If the first cases were to be described in one word, it would be “style” because it is big on this topic. While the story does not offer many and varied locations, the game can be seen as real. The individual rooms are beautifully designed and look lively, and their talent fits in well with the world from the novels.

The plot is well written and believable and fits in well with other detective stories. The protagonist is of lesser importance and credibility. As the title of the game already mentions, this time a young Poirot dedicates himself to solving crimes and begins his time as a young police officer in Belgium. His usual character, his desire for a cool and orderly trial, is already there and – along with a strong sense of justice – brought to the forefront of events. Therefore, he comments in his mind about the player’s wrong decisions, thus saying short sentences that point to an order in collecting intellectual clues or address his famous little gray cells.

Credibility extends beyond our primary detective, but also to other characters with a diverse and highly successful German setting. Under the heading “Style” already mentioned, successful character portraits should also be mentioned here, as they appear during conversations, thus giving the images a nice exterior design. Unfortunately, the 3D models of the characters have to be left out a bit at this point, although they are designed to be compatible, but can not proceed. Aside from the storyline, The First Cases moves in a variety of forms compared to the ABC murders. Puzzles are completely omitted here, however these may have made a little more difference to the game. However, the existing, regular slow game works well and due to a particular complex events many thoughts are seen through conversations and observations, their loose ends need to be joined together.

Whether you are competing with a famous detective yourself or need some time to come to a conclusion is definitely very personal. In the case of incorrect answers, the corresponding path is marked only in red, so if you rely too much on guesses other than your own pride, there is no real penalty for it. Overall, the topic is not particularly difficult, but the solution is not immediately apparent after each reference in each situation. The game gains some momentum in significant polls.

Here, in a special view, with intelligently selected answers, in order to obtain important information, the mental security of the respondent must be weakened. The search for clues in the game is very exciting, but offers no genre and stubbornly follows a plan, albeit successful.

Another weakness of The First Case is that it unfortunately turns into background music, which is essentially part of the minor variations. Although it does not develop into a nuisance and serves its purpose as a quiet companion, many more would be possible here – once again in terms of style – otherwise it would simply underline the highly successful game world and plot. In terms of the duration of the crime thriller, The First Cases, at least for the first time, offers a lot. Again, playing time is always personal, but between seven and nine hours should be estimated for the first experience. In addition, the title offers some trophies to collect, including finishing the adventure without making a single mistake. Thus, the playing time for the finishers is again slightly increased.

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