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Nintendo files lawsuit against 2 members of Xecuter group

Nintendo files lawsuit against 2 members of Xecuter group

Nintendo does not want to stumble against pirates. Cases against Team Xecuter are mounting.

Nintendo And theft A great “love” story.

In the world of video games, many people consider it The Japanese company is very tough in this field, Will not show any leeway once one of its assets is illegally diverted to find itself in free access to the internet.

An event that has always abounded in the passing years … For example, Big started a new legal action against me 2 members of the popular team Xecuter Thanks to their great will so far managed to slip through the cracks. Finally, at least one of them, you do not know the other.

Unfortunately for them, the company managed November 2020, To find out the identity of these individuals who were Officially affiliated: Gary Bowser and Max Lowern.

In their complaint, Nintendo specifically accused it of having 2 men Nintendo has developed and sold their hack system for the switch to various resellers.

These are not inferior 11 counts They have been deposited.

Nintendo may be satisfied with this good move, but knowing the Japanese company is bad. April 16, 2021, The company has given a layer by making a deposit A new complaint against Bowser, In the state, for copyright infringement and infringement Seattle, Washington.

As the saying goes His hardships are far from over. Despite the length of the wars, Nintendo has already pulled off several major hits in recent years.

Site closure Uberchips Destroy and pay for all hacked items M 2 million By its owner at the time, Tom Tilts Jr., Is a good example.

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