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Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Test: A sensible and efficient connected watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Test: A sensible and efficient connected watch

The strong point of this watch is that less than 60, it has an integrated GPS. The advantage of this is that we can do without picking up the smartphone during our gaming sessions and get accurate data of the distances traveled or the memory of the route. Combined with the heart rate monitor, this data is sufficient for most users. It is also essential that the components are quality.

Precisely, GPS has been shown to be very reliable on our running trips. There is a maximum difference of 100 meters per kilometer. In a 10 km race, the difference is plus or minus 1 km. But again, it depends on the quality of your smartphone’s GPS, not the standard meter, let’s remember. Keep in mind that the GPS of the Mi Watch Lite is very reliable.

As for the heart rate monitor, it is very satisfactory and the average take is accurate. In our run, he averaged 166 ppm, and 182 ppm maximum HR. In comparison the Polar H10 chest strap we use averages 162 ppm and max. of 187 ppm. So the difference is minimal, and the watch is entirely related to endurance trips in running or cycling.

However, the heart rate monitor still has a little problem when there are sudden drops or an increase in heart rate. For interval training, if you need more accurate data, you should definitely choose a model designed for the game.

The data collected during sleep are very basic, but relevant. This clock records sleep time, waking time and phases of light and deep sleep. It gives a sleep score, which some people use to identify the night when their week’s workout is best. The accelerometer suddenly seems to be well-measured, because even during restless sleep – just like your editor – it is not considered a stage of awakening.

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