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Blade: Stacy OC-Kuffer (Watchman) on the scene!

Blade: Stacy OC-Kuffer (Watchman) on the scene!

Blade No release date yet, but now there is a screenwriter! Stacey OC-Kuffer was chosen to write the resume of Vampire Rights. In his CV, several series of episodes: PEN15, Hunters, Tile And Guards (1 × 07, ‘almost religious awe’)! If this project pays off, it will be his first film. Note that Mahershala Ali inherited the role Blade He will be 46 years old in 2019 at the San Diego Comic-Con. So don’t hang around!

[Description officielle du personnage, issue des comics.] Born to a mother who was afflicted with vampire following the bite of the lumping vampire Morpheus and acquired inhuman abilities, Turnambulist – a talented martial artist who lacks vampire strengths and their weaknesses. His life comes to an endless mission to eradicate from the world the beasts that seek to destroy the innocent life.

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