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Xiaomi announces the first remote smartphone charging technology

Xiaomi announces the first remote smartphone charging technology

“Forget cables and charging stands with revolutionary Mi Air charging technology,” Siomi declares. In a few years, if all goes well, you will be able to charge your smartphone without plugging in or placing it in a charging station. The Chinese manufacturer delivered at the end of January Innovative concept of full wireless charger Capable of transmitting energy over a radius of several meters.

This new type of charger comes in the form of furniture from time to time. There are five antennas in the room to accurately locate the phone. The second network of 140 antennas transmits very high frequency millimeter waves, which the smartphone converts into power using a rectifier circuit.

The transmitter can provide 5-watt wireless charging for many devices Several meters in circumference. Physical barriers do not affect the performance of the charge. Xiaomi promises that its technology will be compatible with other small items such as attached watches, gym bracelets or tablets, but also equipment such as speakers and lights that sit in the living room.

No release date has yet been proposed for the Mi Air Charging system. According to a brand representative who was interviewed by specialist site The Verge, the product is still in the comment stage. The Chinese manufacturer will unveil its latest Mi 11 smartphone at a press conference on Monday, February 8th.

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