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Debian 10.8 Available: New Features, Download, Installation

Debian 10.8 Available: New Features, Download, Installation

While waiting for Debian 11, Debian Project released the eighth update of its standard Debian 10 distribution (code name Buster) this Saturday February 6th. This new release fixes several important security issues in the standard branch.

L ‘Official announcement Released February 6, 2021.

What’s new in Debian 10.8?

A list of updated products can be found here Debian official site, This time Address, from atftp to Wireshark.

The Security updates There are even.

Download Debian 10.8

Download and Installer Debian Buster 10.8New list of new installation images has appeared, the full list is availableNext address.

The French Debian FTP Server There is Can be accessed here. This system is available for many configurations (including 32 bits).

- 64 bits for PC (amd64)

- ARM 64 bits (AArch64)


- ARM with Floating Compute Unit (RMF)

- PC 32 bits (i386)

- MIPS (Large Indian)

- MIPS (Small Indian)

- 64-bit MIPS (Small Indian)

- 64-bit PowerPC (Small Indian)

- System z

Do I need to upgrade Debian to 10.8?

It all depends on the status of your distribution Debian 10.

The Debian Update 10.8 This is not a new version of Debian 10, but a complete upgrade of some of its packages.

Besides, if you install frequent updates, Most of the upgraded items are already upgraded. So no need to download Reinstall Debian 10.

What will be the next version of Debian?

There will be Debian’s next big release Debian 11 Bulls I.. This is the current trial version of Social Distribution.

When will Debian 11 be released?

To be published in Debian 11 Spring 2021. At the time of this writing (February 8, 2021) the release date of the final edition is not yet scheduled. Can follow growth from This page.

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Created in July 2016, the Debian 11 Bulls are due to make a “soft freeze” this Friday, February 12th. The permanent freeze of the “heart freeze” code is scheduled for March 12, 2021.

“What’s new in the Debian 10.6 buster?”