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Xbox Series S with Disk Player?  Saints Row Cover Attracts Us Xbox One

Xbox Series S with Disk Player? Saints Row Cover Attracts Us Xbox One

When browsing the internet, we sometimes make discoveries that catch our attention. What fascinates us today is the cover of the physical editions of the next Saints series. The recently released restart will be available on February 25th and many sites already offer to pre-order the game.

An intriguing jacket

Looking closer, we notice that all the cards are about the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One, especially the Xbox Series S.

One might think this is a dealer target error, but we tested: Many online stores like Fnac, Gamespot, EB Games or Best Buy offer different versions of the game. .

In comparison, other “physics” games commonly available on the Xbox Series X are always mentioned, only the Xbox Series X and the Xbox One, whether they are in the exclusive version or not. The most logical explanation is that instead of the Blu-ray, it is the code for the game available in the box, but the “worst” version of the game is sold with the Steelbook and Xbox Series S disk featured on this card as well.

Will the Xbox Series S soon come with a drive?

The other hypothesis is that Microsoft plans to release the Xbox Series SI with the physics drive. So far, the machine is only available in digital version for 299.99. As the Xbox Series X99 sells for 499.99, we can easily imagine the company reducing its entry-level productivity by offering a physical player. Note that Saints Row will be released in February 2022 and it can now be pre-ordered with a remote release date. Will the Xbox Series S with Drive be announced within it?

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We certainly guess, but this idea might be attractive, and even an argument that would appeal to a general population that is wary of all populations.

It will tell you whether or not such a product will see the light of day in the future but anyway, if you currently have the Xbox Series S, it is advisable not to buy the physics version of Saints Row until nothing is done. Microsoft announced!