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Cislago: Dumps asbestos and dies.  Heir: "I did not pay, it is not me"

Cislago: Dumps asbestos and dies. Heir: “I did not pay, it is not me”

Boards and pieces of asbestos, which can be harmful to health because it can cause cancer, which is abandoned in the woods on the outskirts of Sislago in Machina. Those who threw them chose green because they were isolated, sheltered from prying eyes, a condition that allowed them to actually save thousands of euros at the expense of removal: often, in fact, Some of the floors must have been the roof of the shed, Was removed without the intervention of specialized agencies in this type of intervention. Following a report, technical service personnel and local police inspected the forest and noticed the presence of piles of layers. All corrugated and asbestos-cement.

Investigations revealed that the land belonged to the deceased: the alleged heir was later found and the beginning of proceedings against him was reported. That person, through the lawyer, Since it is not the owner of the surface it has revealed its extraneous nature. Thus, considering that it was necessary to dispose of and dispose of the goods in a short period of time, the municipality asked the three companies in the sector for three estimates for the collection, transport and disposal of the plots. In addition to VAT, the company was assigned the service for 6,500 euros.

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