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Xbox Game Pass: Amazon's Alexa Voice Assistant Now You Can Download Your Games

Xbox Game Pass: Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant Now You Can Download Your Games

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Used at the beginning of the year, the Xbox app is dedicated Amazon’s voice assistant Allows users to interact with their console. Until now, they could launch their device or start a game without running the controller. Now players can take advantage of a new feature Xbox Game Boss. As a reminder, you can access this list of one hundred free games for a monthly subscription of 9. 9.99 or அல்லது 12.99 on its Ultimate Edition. Thanks to the voice command “Alexa, download (game) from Xbox Game Pass”, your assistant can now automatically download the game you want. This option is currently only available in the United States, but may be implemented in other countries, including France.

Alexa: How to set up Amazon’s voice assistant on your Xbox?

Alexa is compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series XLS. To install it, first go to your preferences by clicking on the “Profile and System” menu. Then select the “Settings” section, followed by “Devices and Connections”. Finally, go to “Digital Assistants” to activate the feature. Download the Alexa app from the Store. Use your smartphone, tablet or any other connected device to connect your console to your voice assistant. Once configured, Alexa can display a lot of information on your Xbox, including the weather, your calendar or your shopping list. It can manage the size, pause your videos, start Netflix or run your Xbox. You can also control some home automation tools, such as your surveillance cameras.

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