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Will the game return to the PS Store in the next gen release? –

Cyberbank 2077 is not yet available in the PS Store, but it may be back as soon as the PS5 version is launched.

Cyberpunk 2077 Still missing PlayStation Store On Sony’s orders, the title has been removed since its launch on PS4 and, according to some analysts, due to an avalanche of multiple issues and refund requests. Get back Only when leaving the store PS5 version, Or a substantial next-gen upgrade under development on the CD project RED.

These are not official statements of the team, remember yourself, but only Analysts’ predictions In the Polish financial newspaper BAP Business, it devoted enough space to the latest results of CD Project Red in 2020, which led to the registration of collections for the company. However, according to the researchers in question, these results were below the expectations expected by the researchers, and CD Project Red was not so good, so we are in an arbitrary sphere.

According to the questionable article, the financial results reported in the last few hours speak of including the withdrawal of sales of 13 million copies, while analysts forecasts ranging from 13.8 to 16 million copies averaged 14, 7 million. Therefore, the official results will be slightly lower though.

Beyond this, another interesting piece of information emerges from an article in a financial newspaper Return game available In the PlayStation Store: This element is considered to be of fundamental importance to give a substantial Increase sales, But we do not know when the Cyberpunk 2077 will return to the PS store.

CD Project Red had previously announced that it was gradually approaching the arrival of the game in the Sony store, but this is a post-decision in this regard, so no official information has been given yet. Many thought the game would return with the release of Patch 1.2, but it did not: According to Polish magazine analysts, the return of Cyberbunk 2077 in the PS Store may or may not be significant with the release of the PS5 version Upgrade to the next gen It does not have a date yet (we only know that it is expected in 2021 as an update of The Witcher 3) but it is likely to take place between May and June, and more information is pending.

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