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Xbox and Festesta: One of the Xbox that Europe will decide to buy on March 5th

Xbox and Festesta: One of the Xbox that Europe will decide to buy on March 5th

September 21, 2020 will be marked by a major announcement in the world of video games Purchasing Xbox of Bethesda, Or more precisely its parent company Genimax Media. But all of this has not yet been verified by the authorities, so it is not over at all, which will happen in a month for Europe.

Europe and hopelessness will give their opinion

The appointment is set for March 5 in Europe, which decides to buy this $ 7.5 billion.

EU hopeful regulators will decide by March 5 whether Microsoft, the largest gaming acquisition by US technology company to better compete with Sony Corp.’s PlayStation, will approve Microsoft’s $ 7.5 billion acquisition of Genimax Media.

We learn that Microsoft requested the approval of the European Commission on January 29 by a file sent to the EU website. As stated in the press release Reuters, The material will be explored and lead to investigation if necessary.

The EU Competition Law Enforcement Officer may terminate the contract with or without concessions during its initial evaluation, or open a full-scale inquiry if he has serious concerns.

Microsoft intends to offer its signature to gamers with the biggest games on its list Xbox Game Boss. Bill Spencer, boss of the Xbox division at Microsoft, has indicated that he will allow the acquisition in January. Significantly increase the role of FPS and RPG in Xbox.

When I think about what our RPG capabilities Absidian, Insile, playgrounds do, and what Bethesda can do, it’s a huge skill. And for our FPS capability with ID software and 343 [Industries] … This will double the size of our proprietary studios when Bethesda joins us. I’m excited about 2021, and Bethesda is the most important part of it.