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Which plants should you choose if you live in a dark or dim apartment?

Which plants should you choose if you live in a dark or dim apartment?

Like lovers Indoor plants They will know that it is very difficult to grow plants indoors when you live in a dark or very sunny place.

The lack of outdoor spaces like balconies or terraces is definitely a drawback. But living in a house that is less exposed to the sun can represent a real problem for the growth and good condition of the plants.

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Anyone who lives in a dimly lit house will, at least once in their life, see a plant die as a gift. This is because it may not be placed in the appropriate place. So, which plants should you choose if you live in a dark or very bright apartment?

The solution lies in choosing the right plants

A house without enough sun, however, should not preclude the opportunity to keep beautiful plants in the house.

The choice should simply fall on the right ones. Many can live and grow quietly even in badly burning places. Their natural habitats are shady, thriving type and Tropical forests.

Choosing these types of ornamental plants is the best solution. They can grow comfortably even in a thin or dim glowing house, and can even replace those who thought they had a black thumb.

Here are some beautiful ornamental plants that are perfect in this regard.

From Aspidistra to Spathiphyllum

Aspidistra. An ornamental plant with long and green leaves, native to Asia. Dim light is ideal for the apartment as it can also grow in places suitable for growing plants. It is very long and does not require special care.

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Samadoria. With its long, slender leaves, it resembles a palm tree. Actually it is a relative, but defined as “little palms” or “dwarf palms”. It belongs to the forests of Central and South America and is suitable for dark interiors as it does not like light.

Spatifillo. Perfect plant for humid environments, there are those who put it in the bathroom for this reason. It is a plant that produces very sweet flowers. Its uniqueness lies in the absence of stems.

From Caldium to Sansevieria

Calcium. For the bright colors of its leaves, it is a pleasure to look at. It is a highly ornamental plant that hates direct sunlight and grows well in low light environments because it belongs to the tropical forests of South America.

Kentia of Hovia. It is suitable for a variety of expressions, even in dim light. This is a perfect green palm if there is no light. It is very easy to grow and its elegance complements it as an ornamental indoor plant.

Hedera Helix. Also known as “Ivy”, it is native to Southeast Asia but is very common in Europe. It is commonly seen as a climber on exterior walls. It belongs to the mature plants and can grow up to 25 meters. You have to be careful with berries, they are poisonous to humans.

Sansevieria. Regular indoor plant, very decorative. It does not like direct light but soft light and grows well in dim light. Stay away from the cold, it may die below 5 degrees centigrade. It is very effective at home as it purifies the air.

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If you live in a dark or very bright apartment, here is what plants to choose. With the selection of these plants it will certainly be much easier to provide a dark home. The joy of the green environment did not stop there.