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Wrestler tried something new for the initial access version

Wrestler tried something new for the initial access version

Jutsu Games returns with an early accessible version of its wrestler’s return a year later: Is GTA Moving to the Middle Ages?

Exactly one year has passed since we told you about our first brief experience with Wrestler. Also known as Grand Theft Horse, The independent topic of Polish jutsu games was able to carry a lot of discussions about itself. The ability to connect the two great loves of the team: the dawn of the GTA series and the Python conflict of the month, which was the successful formula that allowed the project to reach the goal of the campaign Kickstarter And progress to work.

One of the steams recently became available to the public Demo version of Wrestler Including the preamble, or slightly less than we were able to play last year. In the meantime, we moved forward and spent a few more hours on the initial access version, which will be released to the public today: February 18, 2021.

A normal hand story

Wrestler: A strange medieval pursuit

Let’s try to connect The whole plot Presented by Wrestler. In the meantime, we advise you to resume our previous efforts in this matter.

Guy is a bald guy, who lives in the suburbs, a The Middle Ages And above, sirens and parking lots interspersed with police horses, with the symbol “B” drawn on them. A world full of inquiries, swords in stone, Teratonists, knights of the Holy Grail turn into a secret distillery.

Wrestler: Hand wakes up after a hangover
Wrestler: Hand wakes up after a hangover

If the wrestler really has anything beyond the mark, it can reduce smudges all the time, that is Free reconstruction Absolutely surreal in the Middle Ages, but at the same time capable of perceiving us in a region of pre-millennial Eastern Europe.

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The hand has only one goal: to make a name for oneself in the underworld as one. He knows he has to get involved and finish in order to be considered one of his passion and truly a great character. The best match. The whole campaign is based on this assumption, which is long overdue and combined with a series of secondary tasks, which, while fun, recur when needed in preparation for the improvement of the core.

Wrestler: Night always has its charm
Wrestler: Night always has its charm

By and large The story of Wrestler This confirms the quote necklace we already noticed last year, with even more elements, a new island was three times bigger than the previous one and was surprisingly favorable to us with its adaptation in Italian.

Game Plucked under the bone

Wrestler: The adrenaline of the ring
Wrestler: The adrenaline of the ring

We already had a feeling at the time, but we decided to leave without any prejudice. If the purely official part is a strong point in favor of the wrestler, the Sports Always left us with many doubts. Unfortunately, a year later those suspicions were confirmed, and everything in the wrestler is approximate. In practice, the experience is divided between the classic juggling that surrounds the map, which allows you to participate in a few secondary tasks such as plowing the fields, and at the end of successive or major or secondary tasks. In more than one case, the latter acts on the progress of the former, creating everything Enough to repeat. This feeling is triggered by restrictions and circumstances, which often lead to trivial or unnecessary errors, resulting in Reload the game Start working again. If you reassemble this issue, adding two more conversations (thankfully they can be skipped quickly), as well as scripted game loads and events, you may find yourself wasting more time reviewing the same things than playing the required tasks. Active minutes should be completed.

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These issues are emphasized by one War system It, like a year ago, certainly does not shout a miracle because of its depth. These issues mainly arise from a lack of attention to detail, conflicts and a desire to pay homage to the past, but a lack of interest in the present. In fact, we are well aware of how effective the most successful old-fashioned projects are Kinetic revival It would be almost asynchronous today, and in this sense, it is difficult to accept that we can still be entangled between the two elements of the scene, which are almost incomprehensible, with a view beyond that. In particular it involves the police dragging the horse to the jail, losing everything and reloading the game.

Wrestler: Mountain life in the suburbs
Wrestler: Mountain life in the suburbs

Approximately connected to the new ones to this important position Skill trees, Thanks to the goal of the fundraising campaign, and it is hard to believe that they may have needed work more than a day or two from the team. Some choices, however, are more beautifully drawn and they increase the lifespan, reduce the tolerance consumption, reduce the possibility of collecting items by riding and some more.

Remember how the boys are Jutsu game They have spent so much on re-proposing hilarious situations and dialogues, and have worked so skillfully on a soundtrack that blends hip hop with the Queen restorations, that the refinement of a game aside, all honesty doesn’t even require a big eye.

There are a series of fun and immediate situations, however they lose their bite after a few hours and they motivate us to play only for the charm and hand of the world, who can not love, but the developed version of it and the protagonist of the bully.

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Wrestler confirms the interesting experiment we already analyzed last year. Where absolutely the narrative and quote feature makes almost everyone agree, this is a connected game, it is not very complete and we do not care to leave many more doubts. The inspiration for the old GTAs must remain the same and keep pace with technological advances, allowing the Wrestler to place the Wrestler at the Olympus in place of Top Down Adventures. Unfortunately it doesn’t, and the game does everything it can to disappoint itself, which puts a strain on the player’s patience and stubbornness. This is definitely an important starting point for jutsu games that are now called to fulfill its promises from the days of the unforgettable Rockstar North game and offer the most realistic and hilarious Grand Theft Auto 2 adventure.


  • Ilare e Ultracytagionista
  • The story is hilarious
  • Music choices with genius


  • Input regression still needs improvement
  • Technically everything is very difficult
  • No checkpoint management