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Buy Pulse 3D: PS5 headset available again

Buy Pulse 3D: PS5 headset available again

After staying only occasionally at German online retailers for the past few months with the Pulse 3D wireless headset, you can regularly buy hardware back at less than 100 euros on Media Mark and Saturn. At this time, instant delivery is promised, so you can enjoy the latest headset in the coming week. We have attached product inputs for you below:

Buy a Pulse 3D headset

The Pulse 3D Wireless Headset worked well despite some reviews in our hardware test. Sange wrote at the end: “Good sound, good radio performance, easy to use, versatile, optically fit for PS5 design and thanks to its low weight, soft ear cups and flexible plastic strap, very comfortable to wear for many hours – Pulse 3D offers a lot of performance for the money. Battery life and microphone tracking functionality are not reliable. “

When will the PS5 be available again?

For many customers, the availability of the PS5, which is basically sold before the new hardware is launched, should be very interesting. Now three months have passed. Hardware still only appears in local stores. Nevertheless, with great luck and patience, I was able to place an order in the last few days. Below are links to related news:

In the current quarter, which runs until March 2021, Sony recently announced Three million copies of the PS5 To be provided. Elsewhere, though, it leaked Delivery barriers are longer than expected Will last. More about PS5 You can find out in our topic overview.

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