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Touken Ranbu Warriors

With the Toucan Rambu Warriors, Koi Tekmo brings more Muso functionality to the Nintendo Switch-Endeavor

If you still can not get enough of Musou action, you can expect not only 9 dynasties of dynasty Warriors 9 next year, but also exotic Tucson Run Warriors Be happy. Koi Techmo confirmed last month that it wants to bring the title west. The game should be 24. May 2022 Appears digitally for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. This marks the first entry in the Toucan Range range on home consoles. So far, the series has been known mainly in Japan, but the global version of the web browser game Token Ranbu Online has brought ownership closer to an international community since April 2021.

Toucan Rannu Warriors mixes the characters of Toucan Rannu with the action game of Warriors Games. Nintendo fans should be familiar with the combination of branches like Hirul Warriors or Fire Icon Warriors. Making the record 15 stats that can be played Privilege, all images of famous swords from history. They are called Toucan Tanshi (“Swordsmen”). You will be involved in the fight against the Regression Army (HRA) in history, which will confuse the past and manipulate the course of history. It is your job to preserve them and preserve the history of the Sengoku era.

To get the look of the game, you can go Announcement trailer As well as Almost half an hour presentation Bar Numerous game scenes are provided here and all explanations are provided with English subtitles.

More information can be found here The official website for the game Find out

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Have you heard of Toucan Runbu and are you interested in Muso Offshoot?

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