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Sophie Newenmல்லller embarks on a new adventure

Alet and Olias – Two new friends in Sophie’s latest adventure • Nintendo Connect

Attlee Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Released on February 25, 2021 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Attlee Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream To play. In addition, the makers provide more insights into the package structure that makes the Adlier series so popular.

The title follows the beloved alchemist Sophie Newenmல்லller, following the adventure from Adelier Sophie in 2016. Sophie’s unexpected new adventure takes her to a mysterious, so-called cradle-to-earth world in which she is rescued by an unknown person. The heroine of the day is called Alette Claretie, who dreams of finding a treasure that can only be found in the earth-cradle. She is a trader who sells invented goods. However, he is also known to be particularly wild and irresponsible. Alette helps Sophie get around the new world and accompanies her in search of her missing friend Placha.

They begin their journey on the dream tree where Sophie is found unconscious. The mysterious tree is like the last tree Sophie and Plachta explored before landing in the cradle of the earth – but the placha is nowhere to be found. When Sophie and Alett return to Roydale, the only city in the cradle of the earth, they are approached by a man named Olias Enders, who describes himself as “the greatest ultimate bodyguard in the world.” Olias claims to know a woman named Placta and offers his services to take her to a studio in the suburbs. But when the trio arrives and meets Blackta, Sophie does not know this girl. Who is this new Placha and how does she interact with Sophie’s best friend? Sophie, Alet and Olias are determined to find out.

Throughout the adventure, the characters have to improve using their alchemical ability. Attlee uses an updated version of the set system from the Sophie 2 mysterious sub-series. In Attlee Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream New items are created based on the alchemical elements placed on the panel. Alchemical elements are related to an element (color): fire, snow, lightning, air or light. Different effects can be created by selecting materials. Fluorescent elements connect objects. When materials of the same element are next to each other, they form a link and the greater the number of links, the better the results can be achieved. To create powerful items, it is important to know the links and strategically place the alchemical elements.

Catalysts and controlled panels are available as the game progresses. The use of catalysts enables special effects such as increasing the set field. Restricted panels make the assembly process more difficult, but also help create special effects.

Sophie and Placta can also unlock the special application of assistive ability as their adventure progresses. When Plugta’s package opens, you can select Sophie or Plugta to help with the package. Only for some recipes for Sophie and some for Placha only. Some of these recipes contain important ingredients needed as the game progresses. To produce advanced products, players must increase their status as an alchemist (Alchemy LV.) There must be balance in using Sophie and Plaza’s abilities in the package to increase the level of alchemy. It is necessary to unravel the secrets behind this mysterious dream.

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