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With Bitcoin mining in C64, we will not be rich right now

With Bitcoin mining in C64, we will not be rich right now

If you want to get rich by mining cryptocurrency, you must first invest in the most powerful machines and significant energy sources. But low technology can also be mined …

You do not need an RTX 3080 to get rich! For my bitcoins, any computer, including low power, is enough. But in this case, the wealth is delayed … YouTube of the “8-bit show and tell” channel proves it … C64 (which was launched in 1982) from Commodore, a machine almost 40 years old.

I made millions of years ago to make little money

The computer, which delighted many computer enthusiasts in the golden age, is no longer the power monster it was at the time. Its 1 MHz processor no longer works wonders, it is hundreds or thousands of times less powerful than any Android smartphone, which is quite normal.

Nevertheless, it is true that C64 can still be used for cryptocurrencies (but this is also the case with a gameboy or attached refrigerator). In addition to the computer, Python must find a way to connect a modern modem to convert modules.

According to YouTube, to make a profit of $ 10, you have என்னுடைய 758 million years of mine! The hash rate is only 0.3 H / V. There is no risk of getting rich too quickly. If you really want to mine bitcoins on your own, it’s a good idea to start with your own computer, but be wary of electricity bills at the end of the month.

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