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How To Automatically Download New Podcast Chapters

With iOS 14.5, Apple has made a number of changes to the podcast app, making it easier to discover, track and listen to new episodes with interface improvements.

An example of these changes is the new Smart Play button designed to help you Start chapters automatically from the latest available “Sorted” scenes from the beginning of each series. The Smart Play button also shows the key Note If you have already heard a part of an episode, you need to finish it yet.

Another big change is in the tab Search, Which, like Apple Music now, provides quick access to rankings and categories under the search entry field. Other changes include larger personalized podcast graphics and a modified show card, which now provides a more logical and easy-to-move layout.

Even the way you can Subscribe to programs and download episodes Has changed. In earlier versions of iOS, you could subscribe to shows on Apple’s Podcast app. But now that the company offers subscription mode for paid podcasts, it has completely removed the “Subscribe” entry from the app and replaced it with the “Follow” option.

Despite the new vocabulary, Follow podcasts like iPhoneItalia Provides the same functionality as the previous “Subscribe” item. That means you will be in a state of update as new episodes of the show are released and you can download them individually.

Follow a specific show, Browse the podcast section, or select one from the appropriate box and click the “+” icon above. To stop following the show, tap the tick icon (or the down arrow) and “Do not follow anymore“. You can also follow or follow the footage using the drop-down options that appear when you tap the icon (three dots in a circle).

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In earlier versions of the Podcast app, you had to add podcasts to your library before downloading new episodes. It is no longer available on iOS 14.5 and later Single episodes can be downloaded directly from the show page.

To download a chapter, tap the three-dot icon to the right of its cover Download the chapter From the pop-up menu. Alternatively, you can long press on an episode and the same menu will appear with the option to download the episode. If the episode has already been downloaded, the option will be displayed instead Remove the download.

If you are already following the podcast, you can disable automatic downloads: Tap and select the tick icon at the top of the podcast page Disable automatic downloads. To re-enable them, tap the arrow icon under the check mark icon and select Enable automatic downloads.