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It is naive to think that the best streamers are like you –

To the streamer Traction Asmangold, Is active in the World of Warcraft scene, I think that is naive Top streamer They are like their audience, which means they live the same way. The difference after all is the huge amount of money these new VIPs earn.

Asmongold’s intervention may seem trivial, but the truth is that there are many who believe that streamers are “just like them”, that is, with characters who now make up a show of all kinds, a kind Friendly relationship Among colleagues.

This was possible in the early years of streaming, when the event was still new, and although the streamers were really simple gamers, they were eager to launch on the new communication channel. According to Asmongold in 2021 it is no more, and many of these are simply another one Economic status Respect for their audience.

Asmangold: “I think people are so naive when they think of streamers like ‘Oh, he’s just like me’. These people are not like you. They earn $ 50,000 a month playing video games. People have paid $ 10,000 to tweet. They are constantly buying new luxury cars. They only pretend.“How to criticize him?

Asmangold during a stream

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