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"Jenshin's Impact", China's blockbuster

“Jenshin’s Impact”, China’s blockbuster

Landscapes with saturated colors roll endlessly. Waterfalls with sparkling turquoise water, icy mountains in the fog and vast plains inhabited by thousands of creatures with supernatural powers. This is the background to this Jenshi’s impactGame created by miHoYo, a Chinese studio that has captured the hearts of millions of players around the world.

With a budget estimated at $ 100 million (85 85 million), it is without a doubt the most ambitious mobile game of recent years. With a revenue of over 200 200 million a month after its release on September 28, 2020, Jenshi’s impact Is the highest grossing mobile game around. This dazzling success allows some key owners like this to speed things up Pokemon Co., Since its inception.

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Recipe Jenshi’s impact Following the long tradition of simple open world video games, the player is immersed in a universe with a wonderful atmosphere. In soft symphonic music, the hour-long study mixes with epic battles. On this huge map, thousands of treasures, quests and puzzles are waiting to be found … Incredibly collectible characters, colorful and overpowering. To avoid spoiling anything, MiHoYo Studios has provided them with the means to accomplish their goals.

“Most mobile games tend to control their ads on networks. Junde Yu, head of video games at App Annie, an American company that specializes in mobile audiences, says. For starters Jenshi’s impactThey put ads everywhere. On TV, on buses and even on the metro. From the beginning, they had the ambition to make it a big blockbuster. “

Maps, gossip and fan fiction

It did not fail … a year after the official launch of the game, millions are joining daily The impact of Jenshin. Quickly, players were organized online to share their interest, and today, social networks are filled with countless works around his world. Some spend hours polishing beautiful examples of their favorite characters; Others share photos of their gossip – dressing up as a fictional character; Or imagine and enjoy foreign theories and other love stories between different protagonists.

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